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Therapeutic Massage
Massage for the relief of everyday aches and pains.
  30 Minutes- $40
  60 Minutes- $80
  90 Minutes- $120

Grief Support Massage

This massage uses energy techniques and acupressure points in addition to massage to help balance emotions and give mind, body, and spiritual support to those in a grieving process of any kind.

   60 Minutes- $80

   90 Minutes- $120


Prenatal/Postnatal Massage

Massage for the discomforts during your pregnancy as well as any discomforts after your pregnancy and motherhood.

   60 Minutes- $80

   90 Minutes- $120

Body Mind Coaching

Body Mind Coaching combines massage therapy with a powerful coaching conversation to help you create healthier habits around managing your daily stress


For weight reduction, smoking cessation, and performance enhancement

call for details

Transformational Life Coaching 

To help you move forward in life and create the life you want! Make today day one and schedule your discovery call today.



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